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Marine 8 Seaweed AQUA SOLUTION Cream - 80 ml

Marine 8 Seaweed AQUA SOLUTION Cream - 80 ml

$ 26.00

MARINE 8 SEAWEED AQUA SOLUTION is a Naturalism skincare line

By supplying abundant water and elastic-factor through Marine 8 seaweeds and Marine collagen, it makes shining radiance face with resilience and with water like spouting up from the skin inside. 8 marine plants extracts containing mysterious marine vitality are forming protection layer deep inside the skin by finely filling with moist and nutrition. Marine collagen,"vital energy discovered from sea", gives radiance and healthy gloss by providing  vivid moisture and elastic between cells.

Moisture magnet' Hyaluronic acid, absorbing water 3,000 times than it's own weight, is filling into fibrous tissues and gives resilience and volume. As it's providing permanent moisture, it prevents from getting aged.